What is a vape and an electric cigarette?

Easily said that is an electronic device that is used to give nicotine through steam. Ejuice warms up in your weapon and creates steam that you then breathe in and out. A vape, an evaporator, is a device used to deliver the nicotine. Vape is available in many shapes and sizes.

So, how does a vape work?

Different types of vape works in different ways, but the reason is the same for all. Regardless of the type of vape you choose. The device’s battery driver burns, and the battery is activated by a button attached to your weapon. The burner in your weapon heats up the liquid that is, among other things, a tank.
When the juice is warm enough, steam is inhaled in and out of the nozzle. Then you inhale in and out of the nozzle of the weapon.

Vape units
Vape comes in many past and sizes and styles.

There are small and light ones that look like a regular cigarette. Then there are larger ones that are not made to mimic a cigarette. There are cig alikes, which the name suggests mimics this vape an ordinary cigarette. Then we have the vape pen, it is considerably larger than a single one. And this weapon is reusable as it contains a tank (claromizer) that can be filled with any juice.

Then we have box mod.

A world of vape where there are so terribly many different styles, sizes and designs. This one should definitely not mimic a cigarette and give much more flavor and steam than a pen. So, now you’re probably wondering what a juice contains. And I’ll tell you now, a juice contains mainly VG and PG, but also flavoring. Such as my personal favorite, strawberry. But I will vape comes in several thousand different flavor combinations so it there is always a taste for everyone.

What is a cleromazer?

It is a tank that is used to pour your juice in. Then we’ve got and rba, it’s a modified evaporator that doesn’t have a tank. In this you have coils and then you drop the juice directly on coils. What is the RBA you can wonder, I’ll tell you, it’s a build-up. So you can pick it up and rebuild it again. RDA and RBA are for a bit more advanced roads and are usually nothing you start with as a beginner. So, now you know a little more about vape.