Olive oil is a healthy oil in your pantry

Science is right to agree that olive oil with its content of eg. The substance polyphenols suppress inflammation. Reduce the risk of blood clots and certain cancers, slow down the aging of the cells. Relieve rheumatism and possibly reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Olive oil has been for thousands of years

Played a prominent role in the food industry around the Mediterranean, and researchers believe. They have clear evidence that olive oil is a primary fat source with many health benefits. Among other things, it has been proven that people around the Mediterranean rarely suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

According to legend, the olive tree given to humans was a gift from the goddess Athena. Sometimes called ‘liquid gold, olive oil, because no doubt you know. Can be widely used in cooking and cooking and has been recognized for centuries as very beneficial to health. In fact, this wonderful and excellent oil has some fantastic health benefits.

Different types of olive oils

Bottles labeled with only olive oil are of the worst quality. This type contains almost only refined oil, or hot-pressed as it is also called. Which means that the raw material is chemically treated before pressing. This means that one can extract a larger amount of oil. But at the same time it loses much in taste and the vitamin and antioxidant content decreases sharply.

Virgin olive oil (virgin olive oil) is produced by cold pressing. The quality is worse than the extra virgin, mainly because the pressing takes place in several batches. Virgin olive oil can have up to three percent oxygen content.

Extra virgin olive oil is by far the best option. For the olive oil to be called extra virgin. It must come from the first olive pressing and be exclusively cold pressed. That is, the actual pressing is performed in an environment below 28 degrees. Extra virgin olive oil has less than 0.8 percent oxygen content. The color is usually heavily yellow-green and it is rich in flavor, aroma, antioxidants and vitamins.

Thousands of years ago

The ancient Romans and Greeks had no soap. Instead, they used olive oil to cleanse the skin and even today. Many people still use this method, instead of using soap. Just massage the oil into the skin and then remove it with a warm, wet washcloth.


Are all extra virgin olive oils rich in antioxidants, and this is an important factor behind their health benefits. A characteristic quality for this olive oil from Kolovi olives is its subtle and delicate flavor. Fruity aroma and smooth texture, despite its high antioxidant content. Therefore, this extra virgin olive oil is a great choice. For consumers interested in the full flavor and health benefits of olive oil.

Kolovi olives grow on the southern part of the Greek island of Lesvos. The Kolovi variety is a lesser known variety throughout the world and also in Greece.

The mentioned benefits and effects

Of olive oil does not mean that you have to use it without limit but of course it requires balance. This includes Since olive oil, like other oils. Is high in calories and too much consumption can lead to increased weight. Although with the right use with a lot of vegetables, olive oil can be a weight loss.

Just be aware that

In order for the beneficial substances of olive oil not to disappear or decrease. It is important to store it in a dark and cool place.