CBD oil comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Typically, especially in the past Cannabis has been associated with its psychoactive effects in the form of marijuana. CBD oil however has nothing to do with getting high or stoned. Cannabis Sativa is actually found in many variations. The cannabis that is used for intoxication involves the psychoactive substance knowns as tetrahydrocannabinol, or in short – THC.

When CBD is extracted for the use of making CBD-products, that doesn’t get one high, but rather for medicinal purposes, there is a certain limit to the amount of THC that is allowed, legally speaking. That amount is at 0,2 % in Sweden, and 0,3% in the US. This type of hemp goes under the name “industrial hemp”. The low concentration of THC, once again, makes it so that one doesn’t get high from CBD-oil or any other sort of product that comes from the industrial, standardized hemp..

Industrial hemp

Industrial hemp is cultivated in a legal fashion in different parts of Europe. Between the years of 1972 and 2003 all cultivation of hemp was not allowed, illegal in Sweden. Today it is allowed to make industrial hemp in Sweden, if one first applies for such allowance from “Jordbruksverket”. If one grows without being approved for doing so, it will be classified as drug production. The main requirement to be approved is that one is growing one of the strains, sorts of hemp that are mentioned in the list made by Jordbruksverket. In the year of 2019 there were just about 70 different variants of Cannabis Sativa that is placed on this list of approved hemp variants.

Oh and a fun fact, did you know that Cannabis Sativa belongs to the same plant family as hops? The hemp plants constitutes of seven relatives where hops is one of them. In fact, hops have a couple of common effects when vaporized or consumed orally as hemp. The request and seeking out information and products regarding CBD has sky rocketed the last couple of years. The CBD oil is mentioned in the news, magazines as well as in media through blogging, actors and influences of different kinds.


CBD uses

It is nowadays included in a vast amount of products and is often reviewed and seen as something of a magical phenomena, to a lot of people. There are even bars that serve drinks with CBD-oil, and CBD is infused into coffee and even candy. If we ignore the hyped-up use of CBD, where it can be used in such a vast range of ways, there are two basic areas of use:

For Health: There is a host of scientific studies regarding CBD and if it has health-promoting effects. I will not go much into that here, as there is just so, so much information out there for any- and everyone to seek out and inform themselves from that, through objective information rather than a subjective, personal take on it.
I recommend checking out “Pubmed” for example, which is a website that is a great host for a lot of studies.

Area of use number 2 is: For Beauty

CBD-oil has the capacity to penetrate through the skin to give it a higher elasticity. Thus, it is a popular ingredient in a lot of beauty and skin- and hair products. It is anti-inflammatory and makes for a great elasticity of the skin, promoting a more pure and hydrated skin, which makes it look more fresh and young.
In that way, CBD works as an anti-aging product. It can be used as the oil, which is the most common, or even as a CBD-isolated powder which is getting more common today than before, where one can mix their chosen amount of CBD powder with distilled water or coconut oil, for example, to make their own health- and/or beauty products from their own home.

I hope you enjoyed and reaped benefits and interest for the hemp- and cannabis plant from reading this article, to make informed decisions of possible usage in the future. For more about CBD-oil and pain relief, read this article.

Have a blessed day!